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So I gave Double Pizza's online ordering system a try after seeing it on their web site...I tried it even though I didn't think it would work.

I made the initial order online (which is very convenient), but received no confirmation call for about 40 minutes (not convenient at all). At that point I tried to cancel the order, but the phone lines were jammed which meant I couldn't even cancel my order in a timely fashion. Not good. I figured they had lost the order.

I finally got a confirmation phone call about an hour after I placed my order. I was told that there were "tech issues" (which I didn't believe) and was offered a discount for the delay. What kind of discount? I had no idea (even though I asked). At this point I decided to keep the order just to see how this would play out; I figured this is a good real-life Double Pizza delivery horror story for my blog haha.

While a discount is a nice gesture, the only problem is that I'd have to call them back for the discount; i.e. AFTER the delivery guy brings the pizza. Why can't they just adjust the invoice right there? Who knows. And what if the phone lines are jammed again and I can't get through? How ridiculous is that?

When the pizza finally arrived, I called them again and got put on hold for a couple of minutes and got passed around three times to different people (while I explained the situation three times). Finally, I did get through to the person who could actually do something about this and was given a 50% discount. A decent gesture for all my troubles (which was a lot of trouble) by Double Pizza. Even though it doesn't really make up for all the hassles, I got a blog post out of it...They should fix their online ordering system. It's unacceptable the way it currently is working (or not working).

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  1. Double Pizza is the worst Pizza in the city. Do not order from there again. You learned your lesson.

  2. The same thing happened to me but they did not honor the discount. Such a waste of my money and they killed my taste buds.

  3. I actually used to be a regular Double Pizza customer up until about two years ago and then completely stopped ordering from them because they changed their pizza recipe somehow (and not for the better).

    I decided to give them a second chance by ordering online (since no one else in Montreal seems to offer this "web service"). I can only speculate that they do not get a lot of online orders and that there's no real process behind the web ordering system. However, it does smell like false advertising if many people had the same experience that I had...

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