What It's Like Working at Google

This is a pretty old post (about 2 years old), but still an eye opener to hear it from someone who's actually been there...

"Google has impressive food. It is not just that it is yummy, it is, but it is more that the diversity of the food and how fresh everything is and the number of cafes and dishes that you'll encounter only in the nicest restaurants.

I still can't get used to the fact that every day when I walk into a cafe the food is different and delicious and healthy and mostly organic.

Here's just one example: Red beet "Ravioli" with tarragon, cashew filling and yellow pepper puree.

It was to die for. And that's from a Taco Bell gourmet!"

I'm sure there are stories from employees who can't stand working at Google, but it's hard to imagine the bad outweighing the good...Other than having a boss that's trying to make your life miserable...

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