Xbox 360 Kinect Review

Yes, I've got the Xbox 360 Kinect at home and have put it to good use. First thing to mention is to make sure you have enough open space. I'm lucky enough to have about 7-8 feet of open floor space so it's not an issue for me; otherwise I wouldn't have even risked buying it. Now that that's out of the way, on to the games...
Xbox 360 Kinect

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My take: I'll be honest (as usual)...Kinect Adventures is pretty boring...I didn't even try all the mini-games even once before I wanted to change game. Kinect Adventures is the "throw in" game for Kinect and it shows. It's not really polished if you ask me, and does not give you the best impression of Kinect. It works, but it's just not that fun for me. Maybe I'm an advanced gamer, and this is not meant for me...But I don't care...Boring is boring. It's too bad for Microsoft really; they could have chosen a better game and get more word of mouth hype out there (which is the best kind of hype). So based on that one game, it's hard to recommend Kinect; but you can still have some fun with it.

Now, Dance Central (made by the team who made Rock Band) is something else entirely. It's actually really fun! There's absolutely nothing out there like this game, and there's no real way to cheat the game (like you can do with the Wii, small wrist movements etc). It's quite challenging and physically demanding after a long session. You also get to learn about dance moves in general; I'm completely clueless about dancing, but you can actually learn some moves after playing this...It's quite educational if you ask me. They have some good songs (even though in my opinion, the game could use more songs) and it's currently the top rated game for Kinect right now. Even the menus are fun and accurate to use! All other Kinect menus (including the Xbox Kinect main menu) are simply not as responsive/intuitive as those seen in Dance Central. Everyone else should just copy their menu model.

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To recap: I'm one of those people who prefers to move around rather than sitting on a couch. So you do have to be aware of your body and know your limits. I'm in decent shape, and I started to feel cramps/fatigue set in...You really do have to be careful. But, if we get more great games like Dance Central for the Kinect, no one will complain about being too tired.

Update: Seeing popular more recent songs like "I Got A Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas go on sale, when you feel like they should already be on the disc (game is like what, 2 weeks old?) leaves a bitter taste I've got to say...

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