Bad Zellers: Does Not Respect Advertised Price

It's too bad Zellers (in Plaza Cotes-Des-Neiges) decided to not honour the prices that they label their products with; because now here's a post that will stay online for a long time (just like my last one about Bureau En Gros, that has attracted a few disgruntled comments over the last couple of years).

The story is simple: I just decided to pickup a shoe rack at my local run down Zellers (people who have been there before know exactly what I mean by run down), and went to pay for it. Upon scanning the item, it rang up at about $7 more than the labelled price (there were about six other products labelled the same way, so someone made the mistake about seven times in total). I figured they would have followed the price accuracy policy (which by the way is actually optional), or at the very least sell it at the advertised price right?— I'm not asking for much...This part is actually the law:

...he is governed by the law which states that an item cannot be sold at a price higher than the price advertised. If you have to pay or paid a higher amount than the lowest price advertised for a product, the merchant's obligation is limited to selling you the item at the advertised price.

Imagine that, selling a product at the price it's labelled with...Truly amazing! And yet Zellers finds a way to a fail at that. For their own sake, I'd say they really cannot afford to lose many customers like me this way...Just my two cents.

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