Montreal: Rayan Seafood Restaurant Review

I was hungry and in the mood for seafood. Heard about Rayan Seafood and went for it. Got there and right away you can see that it's a very basic and casual looking place (you can even say it's cafeteria-like). It doesn't look like much (just like their website), but there's more than meets the eye.

Don't Wait for Table Service

The seafood counter at the back of the store is out in the open like you would see at a grocery store. It was actually quite confusing at first for me: Do I go to the front desk? Do I sit down at a table first? Do I wait for someone to take us to a table? To save you the trouble, the answers are: No, no and no. Confusing, huh?

You actually go to the seafood counter where all the raw fish are. That's where you place your order. To make things even more interesting, there are no menus to help you out either. And you have to select some food by weight (i.e. "I want 1 lb of calamari, 1/2 lb of Black Tiger shrimp", just like you would say at the grocery store). Then you decide how you want it cooked: fried, grilled, garlic sauce, rosé etc. Interesting experience for me to say the least.

Amazing Seafood

I went with the calamari (fried), Black Tiger shrimp (garlic) and Tilapia (fried). Maybe it was because I was hungry, but wow the food was great! Prices are very reasonable and you can even do takeout, if you prefer eating in the comfort of home. I'm going to go back for sure one day. I'm glad I gave it a try.

Rayan Seafood Restaurant Photos

The best calamari in town in my opinion

Black Tiger shrimp garlic style

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  1. I just added some pictures, since I originally did not post any at the time. As you can see I've been back there again :)

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