Montreal: Yeh! Frozen Yogurt Review

Yeh! is kind of a fun dessert place that's hard to miss (it's got a brightly lit pink decor). I went to the downtown location and was pleasantly surprised; especially since I don't even like yogurt (I know it's not the same as frozen yogurt).

Anyways, it's an self-serve ice cream...oops I mean frozen yogurt place. You take a cup (or larger tub) and fill it up with any flavour of frozen yogurt you want. The dark chocolate frozen yogurt stood out for me...They also had some interesting ones like cheesecake and tiramisu. But overall they were all pretty good.

You can also add in any combination of fruits and toppings that you want (I didn't since I like to eat it "pure"). It's all up to you. Then at the end they weigh it and you pay for it accordingly. Obviously, the more you fill it up the more you have pay. I'd guess that it's roughly $6-8 to fill up a cup for a single sitting...I can eat ice cream (I mean frozen yogurt) like water, so even though I left wanting more, maybe most people will be satisified. It's worth trying out at least once.

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