Los Angeles Review

I don't really know where to start, so I'll rattle off a few things randomly...But you know it was a good trip when it feels too short.

Some observations:
  • Exchange rate is great! Even after Visa takes their cut, things cost less than what is marked when exchanged into Canadian dollars; what a nice change for once!
  • Driving is pretty much of a requirement; the car pool lanes do help. Hardly saw anyone on foot around our hotel.
  • Restaurants are noticeably less expensive (around ~20%) when compared to Montreal. There are plenty of places to eat and many restaurant television commercials too to remind you to eat. I can see how it's very easy to gain weight, when restaurant food is so much more affordable and in your face all the time.
What we did:
  • Walked down Hollywood: Hollywood Walk of FameGrauman's Chinese Theatre. Parking meters only allow a maximum of one hour, which is annoying...
  • Drove through Long Beach (saw Queen Mary cruise ship)
  • Visited Chinatown for a look
  • Had lunch in Koreatown for some all you can eat Korean BBQ yum! (which unfortunately, does not exist in Montreal)
  • Visited Compton which was name 8th most dangerous city in the US for some southern food
  • Went to Kress at night
  • Santa Monica Promenade and pier (wanted to go on the beach but was too windy/chilly)
  • Watched the San Jose Sharks eliminate the LA Kings in Game 6 (as you'd expect hockey tickets are waaaaaaaaay easier to get in L.A. than in Montreal). Was a pretty good game after a slow start. They actually do have some hockey fans in L.A. but the Lakers are the top dog here
  • Went to the oldest operating McDonald's restaurant

It was a good trip, although at the end we were struggling to find things to do (theme parks were out, since it's something that I've done many times are already in Florida). Anyways here are a few more pictures, tomorrow I'll post a couple more and then leave it at that.

Embassy Hotel

Good Mexican restaurant chain that we don't have in Montreal

Walk of fame star...

...and also while walking on Hollywood Blvd.

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