Développements TGB = Bad Montreal Condos

This fairly long Montreal condo article about Développements TGB Inc. is an eye opener.

Out of the three TGB has built since 2002, all of them have turned into nightmares for the owners

It's definitely worth a read if you are looking to buy a condo in the Montreal area. You have to wonder about a developer that doesn't even have a web site. It sucks big time for all the people who ended up getting scammed by them...So I'll do my bit, and try to get the word out...Buyer beware!

Also, from the Montreal Gazette article:
One owner, Jay Mann, who paid $495,000 for his condo, said in a court declaration that he and his wife have waited five years for the terrace to be completed. He said the project had been sold as “luxury condos” with promises of high-end cabinetry, wood flooring and private terraces. He said he didn’t get any of that. He said the cabinets he got were so badly marked he had to pay to have them refinished. He also had to replace toilets that clogged and insulate noisy plumbing. He claimed water leaked into the underground parking area and he has had to spend $876.25 to repair body damage to his car caused by the narrow parking spaces, which he said don’t meet the building code.

He said owners at the Waterman condos have been unable to sell their units, which he claimed are essentially worthless in their present condition.

Believe it or not, that story is from one of the lucky owners...His condo is not in the process of a total collapse like other TGB buildings. Even the "New Home Guarantee" government program is pretty useless...It's like an insurance company who doesn't want to pay up when things go wrong.

Do your homework and go with a developer who has a track record and is trustworthy (whatever that means these days). TGB, is definitely not one of them.

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