Canada Post Strike: Xpresspost Incompetence

I Googled it and could not find the answer to this question anywhere:
Does Xpresspost deliver during the Canada Post strike?
Well, the short answer is this: Xpresspost mail does NOT get delivered during the Canada Post strike. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way.

So here's my latest encounter with grossly incompetent workers...Recently, on a work trip, Air Canada delayed my baggage. I had to go out of my way to buy some basic essentials just to get by on my work trip. Air Canada then said that I could have some interim expenses which I could claim back by mail. Fine. I only had 21 days to mail it in or else I cannot claim anything. OK.

Fast forward to today...Thanks to the unions, Canada Post AND Air Canada are both on strike...Outstanding!!!

However, the strike (oops strikes) is not even my main beef in this post. Earlier in the week on Sunday (before the strike in Montreal), I knew a strike was looming. So when I went to the Canada Post office (corner of St. Catherine and Guy), I specifically mentioned the upcoming strike and asked for a GUARANTEED delivery product. A delivery that would not be affected by the strike. I repeated it to the clerk at least twice...GUARANTEED I wanted. So he told me to use XpressPost which means it would be delivered by Tuesday. So I said "fine" and paid a premium for it.

Today is Thursday and it's still not delivered (I checked the tracking number that Xpresspost gives you). What an incompetent Canada Post employee (whom the union is fighting for)...I just gave Xpresspost (i.e. Canada Post it turns out to be) ten dollars to have my mail sit in their guaranteed-even-if-a-strike-happens delivery bin. What a farce this is...But, honestly, I cannot say that I'm surprised. It's no wonder people are looking elsewhere to handle their mailing business. I'm going to do the same.

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