Montreal: Assommoir Restaurant Bar Review

Assommoir is a cool place for some drinks and simple tapas to eat...The thing that makes me remember it, is the crazy flaming shot that they had on display (should have asked for the name).

Very Cool Shot Drink

Here is how it works: The shot glass seemingly has three layers of alcohol: something chocolate coloured, then white and then blue curacao. They light each shot glass on fire and at the same time the bartender takes a shot and then spits/sprays it on all the shot glasses lighting the entire bar surface on fire (for a few seconds). Right after it dies down, you grab a straw and gulp down the shot glass. Interesting.

Not sure if I'm crazy about drinking a shot that someone just spit all over, but the people there didn't seem to mind. Fun to watch though.
Assommoir Notre Dame (L') on Urbanspoon

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