CBC-HD OTA in Montreal

I was always able to pull out (generally weak) analog signals out of the air, but any digital signal just eluded my antenna. For whatever reason I could not get a digital signal with my antenna...Until now.
So a huge kudos goes to CBC-HD for being able to deliver an amazing HD signal to me (unlike cable or satellite which compresses the HD signal down to a manageable size)...And best of all it's FREE! I don't know what they did lately, but whatever they did I am grateful for it.
It's almost feels like I'm watching TV from my Seiki BD660 blu-ray player...I'm still in awe of the image quality...Wow, it's really something else...I actually might start watching some TV again. CTV and Global are supposed to also go digital OTA by the end of this month (CBC just did it sooner)...So I am hopeful that I can receive some more free HD channels...

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