Barcelona: Julio Verne Restaurant = Tourist Trap

Unfortunately, now I know firsthand what a tourist trap is like, thanks to this absolutely horrendous Barcelona restaurant. It single-handedly started off the entire Barcelona experience on the wrong foot. The food was really disappointing and expensive...For "dessert" they had the gall to serve us American style Swiss Cake Rolls (I actually saw them take it out of the plastic wrapper).

You don't expect to see this for dessert at an expensive restaurant...

I've read that Ramblas street—a popular Barcelona street (although I'm not even sure why it's that popular)—is full of tourist traps, but when you are starving and tired you'll take a chance on any restaurant and that's how they get you. `

On the bright side I was MUCH more selective on the restaurants after this place, and ended the trip at one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at in my life (which I will write about at a later date). Stay tuned for that review, and avoid Ramblas street (and especially Julio Verne Restaurant) if you are hungry!

I think this is where the restaurant is now...Google Street View is a little outdated.
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