Montreal: Cacao 70 Restaurant Review

Cacao 70 is a new dessert/hot chocolate place that has been getting some word of mouth lately. The concept is similar to Juliette et Chocolat whose restaurants seem to be quite popular and crowded most of the time (even though the service is quite slow every time I go). It was easy to get a seat on a Tuesday night and I tried the Vocano (sic) and Champurrado hot cocoa.

Average Brownie, Large Hot Coffee

The Vocano was fine although the brownie was not even warm which was disappointing. You'd think something called Vocano (a play on volcano perhaps?) would be hot in some way...But no such luck.

The hot cocoa was fine as well although the portion you get is quite large...You really have to be in the mood for a hot chocolate to finish this off (maybe that's why it's ~$7-$10 a cup?). You could take it home afterwards if you cannot finish it, which is cool.

I'd probably try something else the next I'm in the area, but I wouldn't make a special trip to try it out. But, as with all new restaurants, they can always improve their offerings down the road.

Cacao 70 Dessert Photo

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