Montreal: Le Cristal Chinois Review

Le Cristal Chinois is a pretty new Chinese restaurant that just opened up in Montreal. Their website doesn't really reflect how the place looks like at all, so I took a picture to show you how it really looks inside.

Panorama photo of restaurant interior

Top Floor View

It's a little more upscale than most Chinese restaurants in Montreal which is nice for a change. Mostly white decor with large windows, and a bit of a view since you are on the sixth floor (which is accessible only by elevator I believe).

Dim Sum Photos

I tried their dim sum only so far, and sure I'd go back to try it again. It is more expensive, but it's also a nicer location than some of the other dim sum options around Chinatown.

Le Cristal Chinois interior design

Dim sum food

More dim sum food...

Le Cristal Chinois on Urbanspoon

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  1. Added a panoramic photo when I went there for dinner. They had half of the restaurant walled off for some some of party at the time.

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