Kinect: Kung Fu High Impact

For those old enough to remember side scrolling games back in the day will definitely appreciate the Kinect game called: Kung Fu High Impact. It reminds me of a cross between Street Fighter 2 and Super Mario Bros. BUT with Kinect. It's awesome. I just tried out the demo, and I was virtually laughing the whole time.

Unlike Dance Central 2 or Kinect Sports (two of the more popular Kinect games right now) your image actually appears in the game world itself. That means you see yourself on screen in the video game world. Your character punches, kicks and jumps all over the screen reacting to your every move instantly.

The trailer doesn't do it justice if you ask me. Seeing yourself in the game environment itself and beating up bad guys and doing special moves (i.e. lighting attack) is not something I have ever seen before. Maybe it gets old quickly, but the demo was easily one of the best Kinect demos I have ever played.

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