Montreal: Phenix D'Or Restaurant Review

Phenix D'Or is another non-Chinatown Chinese restaurant that I got around to trying. It's literally just a minute or two walk from Cote Vertu metro station, which is a bonus to those who happen to be in that area.

Delicious Chinese Food

The recommended items on the menu: Beef filet (Cantonese style), Salt and Pepper Tofu, and Garlic Chicken; those items were all pretty good. Trying a non-recommended item, Szechuan shrimps, didn't fare quite as well. I'd go back for another try.

Phenix D'Or Restaurant Photos

Store signage

Simple clean interior

Tofu and Shrimps

Garlic Chicken and Beef filet

Crispy Chicken

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  1. For people who doesn't like tofu because there is no taste, this is worth a try. Absolutely delicious.

  2. That reminds me, I forgot to mention that they are apparently well known for their tofu...So there you go!

  3. Added a photo of the crispy chicken...Which I must say is the best I've eaten in a Montreal Chinese restaurant. Not dry at all, which is critical for me.

  4. We telephoned an order at 11:30, order arrived 2hrs later at 13:30. There were 4 phone calls in between placing the order and delivery, bad customer service and lies regarding the reasons for the delay. They said delay was due to traffic on the Cote de Liesse, but we can see from our office(all of Cote de Liesse) and there was no traffic . We then received 2 phone calls from the driver because he was lost in the building, even though the Suite # was provided 4 times on the telephone.

    When our order arrived, the boxes were completely crushed and the bottom of the bag had approximately an inch of sauce / soup in it (we have photos)
    The delivery driver was unhelpful and extremely rude. We made 2 more phone calls asking that our credit card have the charges reversed due to the delay and the condition of the food. The person on the phone stated they would reverse the charges only if we returned the food. We happily handed the food back to the driver and ordered from somewhere else – it arrived in 20 minutes.

    Phoenix D’Or needs to address this and compensate by reversing the charges, it is not only unhygienic, but the worst customer service possible.

  5. Sounds like delivery is not the way to go. I've never ordered delivery so cannot comment, but sounds like a no go.

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