Montreal: Marven's Restaurant Review

Heard about Marven's for quite some time, and finally went there for some take out. Many people go there for the calamari and swear by it. So of course I tried the calamari (along with a pork and chicken stick.) The calamari is good, but it's not something I would rush back for again. The meat sticks were just ok.

I didn't try their steak, lamb or veal, but supposedly those are really good. As for their calamari, if you want to make comparisons I've got to give the edge to Rayan's Restaurant. The place was pretty full though, so looks like people do like the food there. It's just not my first choice.

Marven's Photos

Update: Went back for a sit down dinner, and have to say the food is much better than take out. The place is packed on weekends, you have to be ready to wait in line, arrive there a bit early or just get lucky.

Fried Calamari

Grilled chicken and shrimp on rice

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