Montreal: Rib 'N Reef Restaurant Review

Went for lunch at Rib 'N Reef Steakhouse on Decarie, where they have some pretty good dry aged steaks. They have a nice rooftop terrace (fully in the shade) which is nice too. It's a higher end restaurant, so the prices (~$45 steak) are going to be significantly higher than most casual restaurants, as you might expect. The food is good and I don't think anyone would not go back again.

Rare steaks

Some others commented that ordering your steaks rare is the way to go (even if you normally don't order it that way), and I'd have to agree. I had the Filet Mignon on the bone with grilled mushrooms, and it was definitely a tasty piece of meat. No regrets with my selection.

Rib 'N Reef Restaurant Photos

Filet Mignon on the bone

Grilled Mushrooms

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