Montreal: Brit & Chips Restaurant Review

Heard some good things about Brit & Chips in Old Montreal and was curious to try it out. It's a casual restaurant where I tried their Curry Fish Cakes, and their popular Cod (Burgundy Lion Batter) with a side order of French fries (you can opt for a salad if you prefer).

Not for the Health Conscious

It's good enough if you want some fried fish in a casual setting. I guess these days I don't have much anticipation for greasy foods anymore and consider myself to be more health conscious. It's fine for a quick bite, but really you have to be in the mood for something greasy to make it worth a trip. Having said that the fries with some ketchup were pretty good.

PS: Also, they don't really put the food in newspapers, it's just designed to look like a newspaper.

Brit & Chips Restaurant Photos

Curry Fish Cakes

Cod (Burgundy Lion Batter) and French fries

Haddock (Maple Syrup Batter) and salad

Brit & Chips on Urbanspoon

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  1. It just has so much more appeal WITH the newspapers, no matter how fake they may be!

  2. Yes, I have to agree, the newspapers are part of the experience...It's a nice touch :)

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