Montreal: Kan Bai Restaurant Review

Kan Bai is a Chinese restaurant in the "new Chinatown" area in Montreal. This place is supposedly known for their spicy foods (their menu is covered with hot pepper icons to indicate spiciness levels).

I'd say right off that it really helps if you go with someone who knows what to order. That also mean being ready to try things beyond "standard" items like General Tao chicken. When I tried to pick the "safe" chicken plate, it didn't turn out so well. The spicy cabbage was actually a shocking surprise...I never tasted such tasty cabbage before.

If you are like me and are ready to try new things (many people I know are not adventurous at all with their eating habits, which is fine by me), then definitely give it a go. I'm definitely headed back for more.

Your turn, can you recommend something on the menu? Let us know in the comments!

Kan Bai Restaurant Photos



Green Beans

Spicy Cabbage (not my choice)...Best cabbage I've ever tasted...

My chicken choice...Not so good...

Ribs were great (also not my choice)

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  1. Added some more photos. You really have to be ready for the spiciness of the food. Went again and it was really pushing me past my limits (even the 'low' spicy food). You can tell the food is tasty, but the spiciness prevents you from eating it if you are a lightweight like me lol.

  2. After going back several more times, this place seems to have climbed up my list of Chinese places.

    Cantonese style Chinese food gets repetitive after awhile for me, and now that I know what to order from Kan Bai it's always a meal I look forward to now.

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