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I am not a coffee drinker so I am ill-equipped to write a coffee grinder/maker review...But, I'll do it anyways. Picked it up on sale after some searching around online (this is the closest model they have on the Cuisinart website, the model I have is simply 2 cups larger).

There doesn't seem to be all that many "2-in-1" coffee grinder/makers out there but this seemed to fit the bill nicely. I don't have any reference to compare this against, but it seems OK so far, still works after a being used a couple of times and the 3-year warranty is nice to have around. Yup, worst coffee machine review ever.

Update June 2016:
That's it, this Cuisinart coffee grinder and maker is done for. It grinds, but for some reason doesn't brew coffee anymore...Very strange and disappointing for something like this to break down already. It has a 3-year warranty, so it seems like they know how long this thing will last (had it for less than 4 years).

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essay-on-time.com review said...

This Coffee maker looks good and I would love to have it install in my kitchen. Going to look for it in local market and hope that I will get it easily. Thank you for sharing the review

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