Montreal: Le Nil Bleu Restaurant Review

Nil Bleu specializes in fine Ethiopian food. I wasn't sure what to expect, since I've never eaten Ethiopian food before. I've even heard that you eat with your hands...Which I thought was strange in a fine dining restaurant. Anyways...

Nice Place, Nice Lunch Menu

The lunch menu looked decent enough so I was hopeful. The restaurant decor is pretty good and not what I was expecting. It's fine dining so they did put some effort into the look and feel of the place.

Also, there was no eating with your hands at all, at least for what we ordered. There may be dishes that require it, but not that day. The food looked great, but unfortunately tasted only ok. The taste of the food simply did not live up to its presentation. Although the juice drinks and dessert were quite good and was easily the best part of the meal if you ask me.

Anyone else been there before? Do you eat with your hands for some plates? Let us know in the comments!

Nil Bleu Restaurant Photos

I had guava, the other I'm not sure what drink it was...




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  1. You are right, Le Nil Bleu is an ethiopian restaurant, though they have other african dishes on the lunch menu, including the one you had.
    I really suggest if you go back, that you try the ethiopian menu!
    Try the kitfo which is filet mignon tartare, or the doro watt, it's chicken in bérbéré sauce, a 28 spices blend! That's what nil bleu is all about!

  2. Thanks for the tip! Knowing about what their best/specialty dish is, often makes the difference between enjoying or disliking your restaurant experience.

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