Dance Central 3 Review (Xbox 360)

I've played the original Dance Central and it was new, fun and exciting. Dance Central 2 was even better. Dance Central 3 like its two predecessors is one of those games that can get people who do not normally play games, to actually play a video game.

Dance Central 3, More of the Same

If you are wondering if Dance Central 3 is more of the same, then the answer is 'Yes'. If you already didn't enjoy either of the first two Dance Central games, you probably won't have much fun with the latest and greatest version.

Dance Central games have a social element that other games just don't have. For some people it's just silly, for others it's just silly fun and for the rest of us it's an absolute blast. From what I've seen what makes or breaks the game depends a lot on the personality of the person. Uptight people who cannot laugh at themselves, or are afraid to look silly will just be uncomfortable and should stay away from Dance Central.

Game Improvements

The improvements are noticeable. Menu interface controls are much more refined. It reads your commands much better now. Voice commands are also improved.

The dance moves are also vastly improved. The choreography feels much better and more in tune with the songs. The moves have been expanded upon greatly and are just more creative, not as stale as in the previous games. A lot less recycling of dance moves, which is a huge plus.

However, new players may be frustrated, since the moves are much more complicated than ever (there is a new Beginner mode though). As a veteran of the series I was able to start playing on medium right away, and still able to keep up without too much difficulty.

Best in the Series

Dance Central 3: a dance game, a party game, and an exercise game all-in-one. It's easily the best in the series. Just the choreography alone puts the last two games in the series to shame. I'm going to sell my old copy of Dance Central 2 and get right into DC3 right now. The only question now is when is Gangnam Style going to be available as a downloadable dance song...

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