Montreal: Atami Sushi Restaurant Review

I decided to check out the Japanese restaurant Atami on Cote des Neiges, after reading a couple of good reviews online, and I am glad that I did. Not only do they have sushi, but they also have some dishes that you can order from.

Personally, I usually go for the sashimi or nigiri sushi pieces and tend to avoid maki sushi rolls. But, they had some pretty interesting looking "special" maki rolls that I ended up trying. While not inexpensive, the one I tried was one of the tastiest maki rolls that I have eaten in a long time. The eel based maki roll (pictured below) with the (teriyaki?) sauce was quite good and I could have eaten it all myself. I'm a fan of barbecued eel so I am very biased, as most people I know do not seem to like the taste of BBQ eel.

I'd definitely check it out again. Next time I plan to try the teriyaki plate with some of their other special maki roll options they have. It's one of the few good restaurant options in the Cote des Neiges area.

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BBQ Eel based maki...Forgot the name, but the sauce that it came with was also great

Katsu chicken was good, although I should have avoided it since it is fried (trying to eat healthier)

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  1. that looks good.. I love sushi and sashimi... :)

  2. It is good :) I went a second time and the teriyaki chicken was fine, but nothing that blew me away.

    Sashimi is usually my favorite, but I still think about their BBQ eel maki roll lol

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