Montreal: Shabu Shabu Korean BBQ Restaurant Review

Found them on Google while searching for a decent Korean BBQ restaurant in Montreal, and the restaurant looked interesting, so we decided to make a dinner trip on a Tuesday night. The place wasn't packed that night, so the service is probably better than on their busy weekends. Koreans are known to go to that restaurant, so that's usually a good sign.

Trying Some Korean Barbeque

We ordered the kimchi stew, bulgogi BBQ and pork BBQ dishes. They set up the grilling station at our table and brought out the raw meat. The waitress was great, helping us get started by grilling the beef for us. Just an FYI, this is not an all-you-eat restaurant, so you are paying per dish. If you want more meat, then you have to buy more. They provided us the rice, lettuce leaves and spicy sauce to go along with our grilled meats. Of course, the usual Korean shared side dishes (called Banchan in Korean) were included.

How to Eat It...

In case you did not know how you are supposed to eat it Korean BBQ, it's like this: you use the the lettuce leaves as a wrapping cover then add the sauce, meat, AND rice inside. The end result is a mouthful of tasty vegetables, meat and starch in each bite. I have to say that it was really good.

A tip: If ordering pork (which comes in larger steak-sized pieces of raw meat)...Wait for them to cut it up into smaller bite size pieces for you. The waitress told us s funny story of a customer trying to eat the pork before it was cut up...That would have been hilarious to see.

Good Korean BBQ Choice

Overall, I think I can say that this is the best Korean BBQ place that I've tried in Montreal. Also, if you print out their coupon you get 10% off the bill too. Tell them I sent you ;)

Shabu Shabu Korean BBQ Photos


Korean side dishes

Raw bulgogi beef

Raw pork ready to be grilled

Grilling the meat

Cooked bulgogi

Wrapping the bulgogi in lettuce with sauce and rice

Panorma interior photo
Shabu Shabu BBQ Corea on Urbanspoon

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  1. Added a couple of new photos after a second trip to the Korean restaurant.

  2. This is really nice. I love the food on the pictures. It looks yummy!! I love shabu shabu.. But are those korean food spicy?

  3. Generally speaking Korean food is spicy, and I cannot handle very spicy food :P

    I tend to avoid kimchi and anything that even sounds spicy :)

    However, Korean BBQ is not spicy, it's usually just grilled marinated meats. Shabu Shabu is a great choice for Korean BBQ :)

  4. very good shabu shabu and the waitress helped us how to make was tha first time eating Koreean.

  5. Good first time Korean restaurant choice Anonymous!

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