Montreal: GaNaDaRa Korean Restaurant Review

Heard about GaNaDaRa recently, a place that seems to be popular with students and went to try it out on a weekday night. It's casual, Korean food that seemed to be not quite as expensive as other Korean restaurants around Montreal (but not as casual either).

There was a small line up going outside as we arrived, which was a bit of a surprise. So we had to wait maybe 15 minutes or so before being seated. I wasn't expecting much, but luckily the wait was worth it and food turned out to be nice surprise.

I asked the waiter for their most popular dishes (bulgogi and rib eye beef) and both were quite tasty. While the portions did not look very large, it was more filling than I thought (albeit I'm definitely not the biggest eater around).

GaNaDaRa: Worth a Try

If you like spicy Korean food they do have dishes that crank up the heat, but they also have non-spicy food that caters to people like me. In short, it's a place that I would definitely like to try again.

It's tight in there, it seats about 30 people at most

More GaNaDaRa Restaurant Photos

GaNaDaRa menu

Bulgogi, a classic korean BBQ beef dish, it's pretty good.

Short Rib (Gal-Bi), good too

Squid, it's definitely on the spicy side

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