Montreal: Sumi Dojo Restaurant Review

One more Japanese izakaya pub restaurant in Montreal. More and more are popping up around town and Sumi Dojo is another option in the eastern part of downtown Montreal. Food portions felt slightly larger than other Montreal izakaya places, a menu maybe slightly bigger and solid enough to eat if you are in the area and in the mood for it.

The floor to ceiling open windows gave it a terrace-like feel if you are seated near the outer window, which is nice. The drum to greet people is a different touch when compared to say Kinka Izakaya or Imadake. The bar also has a fireplace which is a nice touch. The chairs open up like a box, so you can place your belongings inside. I like the little touches like this. It was also somewhat quieter (at least that evening) than the other izakaya options in the Atwater/Concordia-area of downtown Montreal; which is appreciated...although that could be due to the open windows.

Sumi Dojo open windows in summer and signage

Sumi Dojo Photos

The restaurant is generally dark, but there was enough sunlight to make most of my photos that evening.

Bar area

Papaya seaweed salad, I liked it

Fried shrimp

Gindara black cod

Baked lobster, pretty good but very little to munch on...


Smoked ribs

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