Samsung LS24F350FHNXZA LED Monitor Review

Picked up this Samsung LED monitor on sale at $150 which I thought was a decent deal. This is a 24" monitor, but with more recent technology behind it, when compared to my trusty old Philips monitor (which is still running strong six years later). The only real practical downside (for me at least) is that there's no built-in speaker, and that it only has a 1-year warranty (reading my old review, I was surprised that my old Philips monitor had a 4-year warranty!)

In any case, the Samsung LS24F350FHNXZA monitor (who chooses these product names?) is thinner than a dime at the top, and gradually gets thicker towards the bottom. It's about 50% thinner than my old monitor, and almost half the weight (2.8 kg vs 5.0 kg without the stand). The image quality and colours do seem to be a step up compared to my old LCD monitor, however it's the blacks that are noticeably much better. Being an PLS (Plane Line Switching) LCD monitor this was expected in a monitor with six years newer tech. (Note: PLS is Samsung's proprietary display design, similar to IPS In-Plane Switching technology) The real test is whether this monitor will also stand the test of time. I guess we'll see!
Samsung official photo

Samsung LS24F350FHNXZA Monitor Specs

  • 1920 x 1080 resolution 
  • 24-inch LED display
  • 16 : 9 Aspect Ratio
  • Slim panel, 10 mm at the top
  • PLS panel (similar to IPS)
  • 178-degree viewing angle
  • FreeSync
  • 4 (GTG) Response Time

Samsung LS24F350FHNXZA Monitor Photos

Samsung LED monitor box

Samsung LED monitor unboxing

Samsung LED monitor assembled minutes later

Rear view of the LCD...

Top view of LCD...Quite thin...

Samsung LED monitor thinner than a dime at the top...

If you have this monitor tell us what you think!

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