T-Fal ActiFry Fryer Review

I have thought about trying an "air fryer" as a healthier alternative to frying food, and was finally able to try the T-Fal ActiFry fryer recently. I haven't seen or heard much about this particular fryer brand or model, and have never even used an air fryer before. So I'm a noob when it comes to air frying (and frying stuff in general).

Not my model, but looks almost exactly the same...

For a first time user, at least for the model I have, I found it pretty easy to get things cooking. Add some spices, salt, pepper with your chicken, throw it in the machine (chicken apparently doesn't require you to add any oil, as per the instruction manual) press the start button and off you go. It's as simple as that.

Having said that the machine does seem to be somewhat complex at first. You have to figure out how to take it apart for cleaning, but once you figure it out it's super easy to use. Also, you can only fill up the fryer machine to about halfway with food (I believe it's so the air can properly circulate and cook the food). Too much food would likely not give good results...I haven't tried to cook more yet, but my guess is that it doesn't seem to be made to cook chicken (in my first attempt) for more than four people. The timer on my machine doesn't actually turn off the fryer, so that's something to be aware of depending on the model.

The big bonus for me is that you don't need to worry about the temperature of the oil, or hot oil splashing all over the place or burning you when it spatters. Huge bonus. In the end, the fried chicken was pretty good I'd say, even though I overcooked it a bit. With a bit more practice, I'm sure my fried chicken would come out better next time. I also did some potatoes and that also was easy, just cut them up, add spices, throw them in and press start. I'm already looking forward to cooking some more food!

Update: Just gave it another try and didn't overcook the chicken this time; came out even better than the first time. Throwing in some potatoes, carrots, onion and some spices also came out really good! Chopping them all up is where the effort is!

Real-Life T-Fal ActiFry Fryer Photos

T-Fal ActiFry Fryer 

T-Fal ActiFry Fryer opened...The cover prevents oil from flying all over the place!

Can only fill it half way, so not really meant to cook for more than four people I'd say...

My first attempt at fried chicken..I over cooked it a bit though...

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