ZhiYun Smooth-Q Smartphone Gimbal Review

Picked this up some time ago, but never got around to posting a review since I haven't used it all that often. It's a niche product (I didn't even know that this device was called a "gimbal" before), and works well enough when you need such a product. 

Annoying But Good Enough

I still sometimes have some trouble getting it to work as expected. Getting a smartphone in there and getting it balanced is kind of tricky (at least for me). Once it's charged, only then it'll balance your smartphone (which was not intuitive to me), allowing you to walk around and record some footage without the jerkiness of your stride, or hand movements.

Other things I didn't like, is that the rechargeable battery cannot be replaced, so the day it no longer holds a charge, that's it. The other bigger issue is that the case only holds the gimbal in its minimized state. This means that after you make the required knob adjustments to use it properly, you have to undo it all just so it can fit back in the case again...annoying. I haven't even tried to use its more advanced features, since it doesn't seem intuitive to use at all. I just need it for stabilizing my video footage and that's enough for me.

ZhiYun Smooth-Q Gimbal Photos

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