LaserQuest Codename: ???

LaserQuest: combines the classic games of tag and hide & seek with a high-tech twist. Donning the most sophisticated laser tag equipment available, the game is played in a large, multi-level arena featuring specialty lighting, swirling fog and heart-pounding music.
We showed up for some LaserQuest action and as expected we were ready to compete against a number of ten year old kids and their parents. After wandering aimlessly in the lobby (i.e. somewhat lost in a small room) we carefully deliberated our codenames for the game. Sample codenames include: Batman, Spider-man, Superman, Killer etc...we came up with creative codenames like: Gevil, Ace and finally yours truly: Sidney Crosby.

Off we went into the ready room, spoke some French and moved into the Airlock. We got our packs and seemed to agree on a strategy of sticking together as a team (i.e. don't shoot each other). The doors open and off we go running around the maze. The laser guns turn on and I'm already tagged, I'm like "What the f..." I turned around and it was Gevil, our "team strategy" lasted a whole 0.4 seconds...oh well. Of course, we end up doing the usual face-off, by standing in fromt of each other and firing laser beams at each other from a maximum distance of two feet.

Then the worse case scenario happens: my laser gun stops working 2 minutes into the game...I'm like "What the h..." then I remember I'm supposed to call out "CHEF!" (yes it's true, I'm asking for a cook in the middle of the game), so after calling out "CHEF!" like a rich hungry spoiled brat for another minute or so I notice my rank dropping to 7th position overall, I'm like "This is bull...". The marshall (chef translation in English) finally reaches me to re-activate my laser gun, and I'm off and running.

My aim was pretty bad at the start couldn't really hit much; kids were tagging me left and right, but I was holding my own. Then one of the parents, an old balding short man in his 50s starts unloading laser beams into me. I return fire but no luck, he keeps tagging me even when I'm hidden behind a wall. I start employing my withdrawal strategy, (i.e. running away while shooting backwards) but he starts chasing me! It doesn't take long to realize this guy is an expert, and sadly has several thousand of hours of gameplay under his belt (he would go on to have the top score as expected). Knowing I'm outgunned I use my superior footspeed to complete my escape.

Of course I'm a glutton for punishment, so I turn back and when he's busy feasting on little kids that's when I tag him a couple of times in the back, hahaha! Revenge is sweet! Brouhahaha! My aim is much sharper towards the end of the game, but it's valuable time wasted when instead of firing laser beams, you're calling for a cook...not very productive.

The game time runs out and I'm dripping with sweat; you really don't notice it when you're in the heat of the action. Ace finished in 6th place, and as they called out the top three finishers our only chance is for second and third place. The announcer says out loud: "In 3rd place: GEVIL!" Wow! I was quite impressed! A first time player, in the top three! A natural born killer! Then for second place, "In 2nd place, now playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins: SIDNEY CROSBY!"...I'm like "Woah, cool!!!" Yup, LaserQuest is fun.

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  1. People are wondering who's who, so Gevil=Gloria, Ace=Vincent, and Sidney Crosby=Ryan (Crosby is supposed to be the next Wayne Gretzky, even though he has yet to play one minute in the NHL...)

  2. Hmm, Gevil came in third and Sidney came in second and you're all first timers? Definitely SD-6 training???

  3. I had to look up what SD-6 training meant, but you can't teach natural talent ;) Last time I (Codename: Sidney Crosby) played was many, many years ago, but give props to the rookie Gevil!

  4. Gevil, we have openings at SD-6, need natural talent like yours.
    Good work...

  5. C'mon, Gevil what do you say? Gevil=Next Alias? I occasionally watch Alias myself on and off, last season's finale was great!

  6. Gevil,
    Come join me in the dark side.
    Good shooting!!

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