Tommy Lee Goes To College

Just sat down and watched this show for the first time (I had seen bits from a previous episode, but wasn't impressed)...this time it was hilarious!

He tries to join a frat house, but first has to do low level chores, so he's asked to wash a huge load of dishes, and he replies "OK, cool" and off he goes. After that he's asked to wash their laundry, and again he replies "OK, cool".

Then he's asked to clean the frat toilet which hasn't been cleaned in a week, this time he's hesitant "Uhhh..." but he goes anyway. The whole time they show him moaning and groaning "Awwwww man..." while he's scrubbing the toliet bowl...with his bare hands! Then it dawns on him, "Awwwww man...I need rubber gloves!"

A line from the show:
"New set of dishes...$150, New clothes for the frat house...$1200, Watching a rock star clean nasty toliet bowls...Priceless"

This particular episode was funny throughout its half hour, discussing his autobiography in English class, starting his own frat house and choosing "eclectic" members, check it out!

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