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The last time I looked for a DVD player, they were relatively new and you essentially looked for the cheapest and reliable player available.

But, looking for a DVD player these days (after doing some preliminary research) I never thought this could be so complicated. One would think a DVD player = plays DVDs. But, why would it be that simple? It wouldn't be any fun if it was easy. You see all the new features out there and you just gotta have them too...

I've currently narrowed it down to the LG LDA-530:

It's a nice looking DVD player, with plenty of features for under $100 CDN before taxes:
  • Multi Format Playability (DivX, XviD, DVD-Video, Audio CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, VCD, JPEG)
  • Plays DivX/XviD Movies (.avi/.mpg/.mpeg files)
  • Video Out: Composite, S-Video, Component
  • Digital Audio Out: Optical, Coaxial
  • Weighs 2kg, seems to be nicely compact and slim (about the size of a keyboard!)

What does this all mean? It plays DVD movies (duh), music CDs, mp3s, and can show pictures too (this is all pretty much standard these days). But, the best part is that it plays movie files from your computer too (once you burn them to disc) and has good connection options. Its slim design makes it all fit in a nice tight little package...sounds great doesn't it? (to be continued...)

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  1. excellent choice. black would have been nice but, silver will do.

  2. I never had an LG machine before, hopefully it's as good as I hope it is...it'll look good with my silver sound system...

  3. That's good it matches. I know the Philips one is also good.

  4. Yeah, I read about the Philips too, but heard the LG might be slightly better...I was also looking at "upconverting DVD players", but it sounds more like a marketing thing...I'm not convinced that picture quality is improved with those kinds of players...

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