An Evening of Comedy with Russell Peters

One word: hilarious!

The second stop of his cross Canada tour, I was a little worried going in that he would recycle the jokes we've all seen (or should have seen) on the internet or on Canadian televison. But, no worries...he brought about an hour of new material that was just as funny as you could hope for.

He wasn't planning to do this at first, but at the end of the show in an encore, he did a small bit we've already become familiar with, the "Somebody gonna get a-hurt realll badd" joke.

He's definitely starting to become popular, besides a full house at the Theatre Maisonneuve, there was somone on the front row who was recording audio of the show (so I guess you can look for it on the internet soon!). Russell was cool about it, turning it into jokes. Also, during the show they mentioned that he's supposed to be getting his own show on the WB sometime on 2006! Wow!

"I just signed the deal with Warner Bros. this week. They want to build a show around me," Peters says over the phone from Los Angeles. "I'm working with the guys who produced The Cosby Show and In Living Colour, so it's pretty cool. I guess I'll be shopping for real estate in L.A."

Peters knows too well the American market is fundamentally different from the Canadian comedy circuit he initially joined in 1989.

"Their lack of knowledge of other people is shocking," he says. "In the States, I get a ton of Asians, Indians, Latinos because they're just happy that someone is speaking to them and about them honestly.

"They're surprised when I know something about their culture. You don't find that much in the States."

It was a Comedy Now special in 2004 that broke the lid off his career. A show was uploaded onto the Web where it was "passed around like a hooker at a stag party. It was something they'd never seen before, this cool (East-Indian) comic."

I wish I can remember some of the jokes so I can post them, go ahead and comment if you remember any...

A standing ovation for Russell Peters!

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