Home Series of Poker 2

This second event of the Home Series of Poker, No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em Championship at Mel's home, started off quite badly for me...and then got worse than I could have imagined. I along with Randy, Jason, Mel, and Brad geared up for some poker action.

Round 1 Summary:
A typical pocket hand of mine consisted of a 2 and 7 unsuited...which resulted in me folding quite often in the early going.

10:30pm: I fold with a 2 and 7 unsuited.
10:35pm: I fold...
10:43pm: I fold...
10:51pm: I fold...Notice a pattern?
11:15pm: Finally!!! I get an Ace and King suited!
11:16pm: An Ace on the flop! I go all-in! Another Ace on the turn!
11:16:01pm: I lose all my chips.
12:07am: Brad wins virtually every hand, and takes it all.

Round 2 Summary:
After not even able to win a single hand in the first round, I look to turn things around with a vengeance!

12:15am-1:03am: See Round 1 Summary...

I go out without even winning a single hand...not even a single hand in two rounds of poker...now I'm like, "This is 100% pure bull..."

Round 3 Summary:
At this point I'm looking to call it a day...I couldn't even win one hand! But, two more guys show up to play, so we go one more round with seven of us at the table.

1:15am: I change seats, desperate to change my luck...
1:18am: Finally, I some decent hands...
1:23am: I win my first hand of the night! And, it only took like 2 hours!
1:28am: Yes! I win again!
1:30am: Another player raises all-in...Noooo problemo!
1:34am: Yeah! C'mon, bring it on!
1:39am: Brad, has been quiet so far, but now goes all-in...
1:40am: I call him...
1:41am: I lose. In one hand, Brad becomes chip leader.
1:42am: To put it nicely, I'm thinking "This is quite disappointing..."
1:55am: Mel's bird bursts in & starts flying in spasms around our heads.
1:55:01am: Randy jumps out of his chair.
2:10am: I raise all-in...Brad quickly calls...
2:11am: I win. Me! That's right! Yesssssss!

I would later go on to take it all, and complete the victory! Clearly, this win is the biggest comeback in the history of poker, ever. What drama! They should make a Hollywood movie out of this! Yay, Ryan!

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  1. My showdowns when I won 2 games were so much better and more dramatic than this...if a movie were made, theyd have to do it for me first.

  2. It's only better cause you won last time!

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