The Casino Strikes Back

It is a dark time for our Casino Crew. Although, we've been sucessful in our last two outings, Blackjack Dealers have taken the last remaining chips from our hands and pursued us throughout the entire night.

Evading the dreaded "Bad" Blackjack Dealers, a group led by some Lucky Dude has established a seat on a nice table with an entertaining dealer.

The evil Chef Lady, obsessed with kicking people out of their seats, has us reaching into the limited reaches of our wallets....
After a few successful outings to the casino, a couple of days ago we made another visit with confidence at an all-time high. When we got there the one seat we wanted was left wide open for us...we couldn't believe it. We started hitting the tables right away, buying some chips and looking to win. But, it was not to be. Several hands later we were taken out in quick order completely blindsiding all of us...we hardly lasted 45 minutes, if even that.

We had to regroup and talk strategy over again. We came back with an even larger starting pot and wanted to change our luck. You can see where this is going, all that did was buy us maybe another 45 minutes of futility...

But, that's not all! We were feeling pretty down at this point, but mustered one last gasp, $10 each, for a tiny pot of $50...Only enough for three more hands...Seeing how we definitely weren't getting the cards, we decide to play behind this guy. Call it luck, or call it skill it doesn't matter...this guy was on fire...At one point he must have won eight hands in a row! We could not believe what we were seeing.....On a 16 vs a dealer's 10, he hits and boom a 5 shows up for 21. At around 3:30am we actually walked out with more than we came with. That $50 turned into $450 for the group...Crazy.

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