Montreal Canadiens' Jose Theodore

I predicted the Habs would finish 7th in the conference, and right now they're in 8th spot...So it looks like the Habs will need every point they earned in the quick start they had at the beginning of the season.

One problem is the talent level...It's not that great to begin with, and especially after the first line (Ribeiro a second line center?). Another problem is goaltending.

I'm not sure why, but people seem to think Jose Theodore is an amazing goaltender. Sure, people say this goal and that goal is not his fault (it's the defencemen's fault), but the bottom line is that he lets them in. "Oh, he had no chance on that", well the real problem is that Theo puts himself out of position, so it looks like he has no chance. "Oh, but he's still a 'Top 10' Goaltender" (last season he was 'Top 5', I wonder what's next...), but let's see what my friend Stats says:

33rd in the NHL: .891 Save %
31st in the NHL: 3.16 GAA

Oh yes, definitely Top 10 goalie material (in case you didn't notice, I'm being sarcastic)...

P.S. As I finish this post, Theo has let in 5 goals on 18 shots against the New Jersey Devils...what more proof does anyone need? No wait, I forgot it's not his fault, right? Don't worry there's more Theo comments tomorrow...

Theo beaten again in the first period, 3 goals against and 3 saves for the period...Unfortunately, a typical night for the Habs...

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