Lotusphere 2006 - Seaworld Review

Strange to say this, but after being outside in the Florida sun in 25C weather the last few days, walking outside this morning in sub zero temperature in Montreal actually feels normal...Now I know I'm back home...

Went to Seaworld the other night, and I had low expectations, and thanks to that outlook, I walked out feeling satisfied (always strange how that works out).

Saw some sharks up close and swim over your head in an ultra cool tunnel/aquarium...I was running around the tunnel backwards trying to get a shot of the shark swimming just overhead...not as easy as you might think :-)

The seal show and their trainers was entertaining, as was the acrobactic show (think Cirque du Soleil). The killer whale show was the grand finale of Seaworld. They did flips and tricks with their trainers, but the funniest highlight was watching the whales splash the audience with a tail flip; causing people to run and scatter up the stairs. I guess some people didn't expect them to be able to push water out past the designated "Splash Zone" (about fourteen rows out)! I'll post pics soon...

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