Lotusphere 2006 Ends

Today is the last day of work here, each day at Lotusphere is tiring but in a good way...lots of people showing interest in what we were demoing. We already surpassed last year's numbers half way into the event, so it was good for us.

We checked out Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island it's kind of cool just to walk and look around a bit.

On opening day there was a Welcome Session on the beach (as there is every year) food, live music, but this time they added a nice twist: casino tables! Cool! I made a couple of posts about our casino trips awhile ago, so you know I was at least slightly interested. Blackjack, Texas Hold'em, Caribbean Poker, Roulette the usual stuff. It wasn't for money, but you could win prizes...I played a bit of Blackjack but lost right away. Went to Carribean Poker, and I was on fire! I turned $1500 in fake chips to over $10000, and "bought" a few little flashing pins as prizes (that's all they had).

Yesterday, was Canada Night where all the Canadian companies can hang out together for food and stuff...they even had small hockey tables to play on :-) Everyone also got a free t-shirt out of it.

The rest of the time is work for us. But, we go to SeaWorld tonight...so stay tuned!

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