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I'm in Orlando as I write this post. It's 25C outside, humid and sunny. My blogging will be limited for the next few days, as we're pretty busy at the show. I took a couple of pics which I'll post later when I get back. One thing I'll mention is that Jason Alexander (George Constanza, Seinfeld), helped open the show...entertaining as you might expect.


Anonymous said...

U missed Theodore pulled twice this week in consecutive first periods after letting in something like 8 goals in 15 shots. Also u missed some great table tennis action in which Jason was defeated by me (close in the 2nd game) 2-0 and Bob defeat Yinan 2-0 (Yinan can't play under pressure)

Unknown said...

Good ol' Theo can always count on him...I called it two years ago...He needs to work on his game a lot more...I also saw Turco and Belfour stinking up too...

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