Canada vs Italy

After a slow first period for Team Canada, and Italy tying the game 1-1 early in the second period...things turned out as expected. No upset, Team Canada won easily.

Not too surprising is the fact that a lot of the Italian hockey players are actually from Canada. In an interview of an Italian player he said something like, "It's a reversal, my parents came from Italy to Canada for work, and now I'm going from Canada to Italy for work (playing in an Italian hockey league)".

CBC Sports
"It was a tremdous challenge for us," said Muzzatti (Italian goaltender), who gained a lot of respect from the Canadian team. (Me: Maybe the Habs should try to pick him up, to backup Huet...)

Italy scored on Brodeur a couple of times on the power play, so maybe the penalty-killing can still use some work. Canada also got goals from a number of different players so that's a good sign, as the tournament progresses. Next up is Germany.

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