My 2006 Olympic Thoughts

My initial post title was going to be, "After The Choking Is Over..."; Since so many Canadian "favourites" were not a factor in their respective events. Despite some major choking (like I correctly predicted), by guys like Wotherspoon, and Sandhu (well, maybe he doesn't really count...he's just really bad...) Canada set a record for itself by winning a surprising 24 medals at these Winter Olympic Games.

Men's hockey team actually scoring a goal...

If you watched the men's hockey team play their round robin games, you knew they were in major trouble, and finishing out of the medals is no surprise. Not putting Spezza and Heatley together for some instant chemistry is a big mistake.

Even the aerialists were not up to the task, not winning even a single medal. This from a team that finished 1-2-3-4 in a World Cup event in Quebec in January.

And figure skating is still a scam, Sasha Cohen falls twice and wins the silver medal? Obviously, she'll take it, but does anyone else see anything wrong with this? Fine, artistically she's superior...I can go along with that, but doesn't falling twice hurt your artistic score? At least a little?

But, at least people like Klassen (5 medals...Wow!), Heil, Buttle, the skeleton, speed skating, curling teams and many others stepped up and got some medals to set a new mark for Canada. We finished just one medal behind the United States, that's impressive! Next Vancouver 2010!

Cool picture of Stadio Olympico

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