Shopping for a Humidifier...

First stop is Canadian Tire. I look around a bit and after not seeing it, I ask an employee where they are, and of course they point me to the vacuum cleaner section where there's nothing but vaccuum cleaners.

I run over next door to Maxi and Cie (a longshot)...nothing. Next, is Wal-Mart so I ask someone where they are and they point me the appropriate aisle (woohoo!)...I get there and all I see are empty shelves where they should have been; too bad they coudn't tell me they were all sold out.

I make the run to Costco and ask the first worker I see if they know where the humidifiers are, "I don't know" is all I get...Turns out they didn't carry any when I looked around. The moral of the story? Customer service sucks anywhere you go (although I give Wal-Mart props for at least pointing me to an empty shelf).

The search continues...

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