Habs in Playoff Hunt

After beating up on a weak Leafs team, and finally beating the league's worst team the Pittsburgh Penguins (after losing to them three times in a row) the Habs currently hold the last playoff spot.

With Theodore mediocre play finally out of the picture, the Habs can let Huet do his job and hopefully get Aebischer to stop imitating Theodore. I wasn't convinced of the Theodore/Aebischer trade, even though I was the first to say Theodore has to go years ago...not even a draft pick in return for Theodore.

Aebischer's career as a Montreal Canadiens is over 5.00 (he's given up 15 goals in his three starts as a Hab). The Habs are saving money at least, and should put some of that to get Huet signed at the end of the season. Everyone will give Aebischer a few more games to get his game together, but giving up ten goals to Pittsburgh is not a positive sign.

It's up to Huet to keep the Habs in the playoff race...

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