James Blunt at Metropolis Review

Following the Nickelback show, a few weeks ago I was looking forward to seeing James Blunt...

The doors open at 8:00pm, but we showed up around 8:45pm knowing we would be just in time for the break before James Blunt went on stage. Despite this being the second show in two nights, scalpers outside were selling tix for more than double their face value, and the same on eBay I think.

As expected he played all the songs off his album and a couple of new ones too. The sound was great, not too loud and much better than what I've heard so far at the Bell Centre.

For one of his higher pitched songs, he threw in some French to the crowd, "This song is so high, I'm going to sing this song with all the girls", said James Blunt, "Parce que je chante comme une petite fille".

Somewhere during the show he and the band started the intro into what sounded like Hotel California. Amid the cheers he asked "Do you guys know Hotel California?...Cause I don't...But I do know this...", as he went into one of his songs.

Of course the last song of the night was "You're Beautiful", and here's a sample of what we saw (not my video but it's virtually identical to the show we saw):

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