European Honda Civic 2006

Interesting Honda Civic for the European market; I wonder if it's available in North America...

I had a Google Video link, but it doesn't work anymore (someone must have pulled the plug on it). Anyways, I'll post some pics for now then. In the review (this is all from memory now), the guy says that this model has sent "the competiton back to the drawing board, because it makes their own models look 100 years old".

In the pictures, it's hard to tell but its actually a 4-door hatchback. The handle is built into the window frame, which makes it look like a coupe. There's a twin sunroof, no tailpipe (it's the two triangles at the rear), and can take voice activated commands. There are other cool details, but it's pretty impressive overall.

Hmm, interesting the Google video below doesn't seem to work anymore...they removed it for some reason...

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