Habs Playoff Tickets...Or Not

With a few games left in the season, sports restaurants are already starting to fill up in anticipation of the playoffs. And, speaking of hockey fever in Montreal, this reminds me of the time I tried to get tickets for the 2nd round two years ago.

Not wanting to line up overnight at the Bell Centre, I decided to go to The Bay in the morning, and grab myself a number (to reserve a spot to buy tickets, later that afternoon). Seems like a smart plan. Except that they were already about 15 guys waiting outside the store waiting with us. It was the same at other entrances to the store.

Remember this is NOT to buy tickets...This is a lineup before the department store opens to get a number and MAYBE buy a ticket. I've never seen The Bay so popular before.

The Bay security people makes everyone wait until the store officially opens at 9:00AM sharp and...ZOOM! To my surprise, everyone starts a massive sprint through The Bay aisles, running around the Men's clothes section, jumping up the escalator, and darting through the jewelry section.

It was definitely a sight to see; a group of adult males running at full speed through a department store as if their life depended on it.

Strangely, for some reason I found this be hysterical, and was uncontrollably laughing all the way as I ran past a couple of out-of-shape old men. But, even then I was only fast enough to see another lineup, just to get a number. Next time I'll take my chances and try to buy it online...

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