X3 Review

I had average expectations for this third installment of X-Men; I didn't like the first one, and thought the second was pretty decent.

Even though the action's pretty good, there could have been more all-out mutant mayhem. It looks like they stayed on a tight budget and didn't go crazy on the special effects (unlike the Superman movie which is getting close to $300 million mark). I expected a little more action and crazy mutant powers to be showcased. It's still better than MI:3, just keep your expectations realistic, and it's fun to watch.

By the way the "extra scene" at the end, after the credits roll is not really a scene, more like a 5 second teaser at best...I just heard it already made $120 million dollars, so there's definitely going to be an X4 in a couple of years. Woohoo!

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