Deception Point

Following my review of Angels and Demons, is Deception Point, also by Dan Brown. It's an interesting book about NASA and White House politics. The science and technology mentioned is quite interesting (he claims that all the technology mentioned in the book actually exists, which is a bit of an eye opener when you read the book).

For example, the military has a remote controlled "fly-bot" which can fly around and send back an audio/video feed, which also happens to recharge when near a magnetic field (i.e. computer monitors, speakers, cellphones). Amazing.

There's a hydrophone network on the seafloor around the world, which can monitor ship movements around the globe. Nice.

They also have a "snowball gun" which takes in snow and fires ice bullets so there's no need to lug around any ammunition at all in arctic environments. Wow.

I kind of guessed this as I was reading the book: Did you know that lobsters, shrimp and crabs are essentially oversized insects? Yummy.

Oh yeah the book is pretty good too.

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  1. AnonymousJune 04, 2006

    I'm glad you enjoyed these two books. Next time I read a good one, I'll let you know.

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