Superman Returns

It's not bad, you can still walk out of the theatre saying, "I liked it", which is probably what most people will say. I considered a four out of five stars, but realized that nothing really blew me away...X3 felt more fun to watch...

On a side note: If you hear an annoying "Ring...Ring...Ring..." During the movie, it's a fire alarm. It's a little distracting I must say. Do we leave the theatre? Is it a false alarm? Is there a fire outside the door? Why isn't anyone telling us anything? So for about three minutes of mild ringing, everyone stayed in their seats. Then the fire alarm picks it up a notch, "Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring..." at this point I had enough, and got up to leave (as did everyone else)...The movie stops and they tell us to get out, and then we're told to go back to our seats. At least management (we were at the Spheretech Cinema Guzzo) made a nice gesture by offering gift certificates for all the problems.

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